The perfect addition to every break away, enjoy a relaxing Massage or Spa Treatment in the privacy and comfort of your Accommodation. Bookings need to be made prior to arrival and we will endeavour to get you the day and time of your choice. Due to prior bookings this may not always be possible.

Please note: There will be a 15% surcharge applied for mobile/in house massages on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Massage at your accommodation is not available at Forest Edge at Merrow Cottages, Juniper & Rye, Emerald Cottage and Emerald Lodge however we can arrange treatments at a local day spa for you.

Available Massage & Spa Treatments

The ultimate indulgence, a 60 minute massage each at the same time in the comfort of your suite. Be sure to book in advance as two therapists are required for the couples massage.
Increases circulation and assists in relieving tension and stress in the body. Provides the deep relation that allows our minds and bodies to recharge and rejuvenate. A perfect treatment for the work weary.
The use of natural plant oils that affect us emotionally, triggering responses from the brain and can induce relation, increase energy, reduce stress and restore overall balance to the body, mind and soul.
A wonderful treatment for the mother to be, can aid in the reduction of swelling, reduce muscle cramps and pain associated with the stress of extra weight bearing on joints and muscles. Soothes the nervous system and aids in relaxation. Massage isn’t recommended in the first trimester.
Don’t have much time? Each person receives a 30 or 45 minute massage. Maximum benefits in minimal time.
Using traditional facial techniques, botanical products and soothing hot towels. This classic skin treatment is enhanced by a luxurious massage for face and head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.....the perfect skin treat
A deeply relaxing treatment to calm and revitalise the skin. Using a dead sea mineral mask to renew and a green tea extract to soothe. This is complemented with a stress relieving massage to release tension in the scalp, neck, shoulders, arms and face.
Combining the Deluxe Facial and a full body massage, this treatment will leave you relaxed from top to toe.
Unwind as you receive a back, neck and head massage combined with infused hot towels to soothe and release tension. Includes an essential oil treat for the hands and feet.
Feel the need to escape the rat race? Treat yourself to the Deluxe facial or Mens facial, Massage and the Aromatic hot towel treatment. Retreat for a while and completely unwind.
Recharge your body, calm your mind and renew your skin. For the ultimate in pampering indulge in the Body wrap, Deluxe Facial or Mens facial and Massage.
2.5hrs of bliss! This treatment combines the Deluxe Facial or Mens facial, hot towel treatment, body wrap and massage, this treatment has it all!

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